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Caribbean 'Rush' Learning Journey

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Caribbean ‘Rush’ – A Perspective through Chronology

1562 Hawkins begins expeditions to Caribbean transporting Africans from the African west coast

1641 Africans begin to be transported to Barbados

1665 The New Royal African Company is created

1670 Spain officially cedes Jamaica to England

1698-1700 Scottish Darien Colony Disaster

1718 Bahamas is the 1st island to become a Crown Colony

1763 Treaty of Paris ends Seven Years War-England gains West Indian Island

1865-96 West Indian Islands become Crown Colonies

Suggested Biographies:

Olaudah Equiano (1745-97) writer, sailor, merchant and abolitionist

Ignatius Sancho (1729-80) composer, actor, writer and businessman

African Explorers:

Juan Garrido (c1480-c1550),

Monza Abubakari Keita 11 (King of Mali c1310)

Estevanico (Esteban de Dorantes) (c1500-1539)

Suggested Places of Historical interest

Pigeon Island National Landmark, Rodney Bay Island of St Lucia

St George’s Town, Island of Bermuda

Shirley Heights & Nelson’s Dockyard, Island of Antigua

Brimstone Hill Fortress, Island of St Kitts

Blue & John Crow Mountains, Island of Jamaica

Fort James, Island of Tobago

Jamaica Wine House (City of London)

The Guilt of Cain Memorial (City of London)

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