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Gone with the Wind?-Macmillan’s Speech for Change' - Learning Journey

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Gone with the Wind?-Macmillan’s Speech for Change - A Perspective through Chronology


1912 ANC in South Africa is formed

1919 Riots & disturbances in Jamaica, British Honduras & Trinidad

1920-22 - Nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi launches anti-British civil disobedience campaign in Colonial India

1922 Sugar price collapses

1925 - First legislative council elections take place in Ghana.

1948 Riots break out in Ghana after 3 WW2 veterans are killed

1948 South Africa adopts policy of Apartheid

1960 Rhodesia opposes London on colonial policy of majority Rule

1961 Nelson Mandela forms an armed branch of the ANC to fight apartheid

1962 Mandela is arrested and imprisoned imprisoned until 1989

1966-79 Second Chimurenga War in Zimbabwe



Suggested Biographies:

Jomo Kenyatta (1891-1978) Anti-Colonial activist and Kenya’s first Prime Minister and President

Mabel Dove-Danquah (1905-84) Author, Journalist and Political activist from the Gold Coast, Africa

Dr Harold Moody (1882-1947) Jamaican born physician anti-racist campaigner and founder of the League of Colored People

C.L.R.James (1901-89) Trinidadian author and political activist

Claudia Jones (1915-64) Journalist, Feminist and political activist


Suggested Places of Historical Significance:

Independence Square, Ghana

Ghost Cities of the Swahili Coast, Kenya

Red Fort, Delhi, India

Harold Moody Park, Nunhead UK



Suggested Historical Sources:

‘Wind of Change ‘speech (1960) Harold Macmillan

Blue Plaque for Jomo Kenyatta

Poem- ‘The Black Soldier’s Lament’ by Georg A Borden

Bust of Harold Moody at the National Portrait Gallery

C.L.R.James Library Dalston Hackney London

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