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'A Story for South Africa' Learning Journey

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‘A Story for South Africa’ -

A Perspective through Chronology


1488-Portuguese discover the Cape of Good Hope

1652-Dutch establishes Cape of Good Hope

1806 Britain seizes Cape Town from the Dutch

1816-Shaka Zulu forms the Zulu Kingdom; it declines after his assassination in 1828

1833-Great Trek of Dutch begins

1856 Dutch (Boers) declare Transvaal as Republic

1866-Diamonds are discovered in Kimberly

1886-Gold discovered in Witwatersrand

1889-British South Africa Co formed by Cecil Rhodes

1902-Treaty of Vereeniging

1910-Union of South Africa


Suggested Biographies

Nokutela Dube (1873-1917) Co-founder of the SANNC

John Dube (1871-1946) Co-founder of the SANNC

Steve Biko (1946 -77) Activist and Leader of the ‘Black Consciousness Movement’

Phyllis Naidoo (1928-2013) Lawyer, Lecturer and anti-Apartheid activist



Suggested places of Interest

Castle of Good Hope (Cape Town)

Voortrekker Monument (Pretoria)

Isandlwana Battlefield

Ohlange Native Industrial Institute (Ohlange High School) 1900

St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town

Bo-Kaap (formerly known as The Malay)

Robben Island



Suggested Historical Sources

John Dube’s address after his election as President of the SANNC

"Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika" the National Anthem of the indigenous peoples South Africa composed in 1897 by Enoch Sontonga,

Ilanga lase Natal (The Natal Sun or Sun of Natal) South Africa’s first native newspaper

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