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‘A Bite from the Big Apple – A Story for New York’ Learning Journey

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‘A Bite from the Big Apple – A Story for New York’ (A Perspective through Chronology)


1626 Dutch West Indies Company imports 11 Africans to New Amsterdam

1655 First Slave Auction held in New Amsterdam

1776 British promise freedom to Africans who leave their anti-British masters & American Independence is declared

1783   25% of the militia marching to Yorktown for the last battle engagements were Africans

1783 Treaty of Paris - 3000 African loyalists are relocated as promised to re-locate in Nova Scotia, Britain & other parts of the Empire

1785 New York Manumission Society is founded to give aid to Africans & ‘The African Free School’

1812 Africans fight in the War against Britain

1827 All slaves are declared free & African Americans parade through New York City

1870 Ratification of 15th Amendment gives African American Men the right to vote


Suggested Biographies

James McCune Smith

Deborah (& Harvey) Squash

The Ethiopian Regiment (also known as Lord Dunmore’s Ethiopian Regiment)


Suggested Historical Sources

The Book of Negroes & African Canadian Archives

Documents & Links about The New York Manumission Society


Places of Historical Interest

Pieter Claesen Wykcoff House, Brooklyn NY

African Free School

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