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Stories to be tolled -

Special Feature with Aspiring Authors Publications

Black history happens all year round and at ‘Stories to be tolled’ there is no exception!


On October 10th 2022, I celebrated the beginning of my THIRD season of the podcast series with an interview with ’Aspiring Authors’ Founder, Angela Thomas Smith. You can check out the full video and audio versions here.


Tracy is also a part of the #122authorsfromaroundtheworld initiative for 2023, which is being run by Aspiring Authors to promote awareness and support for authors of colour from all walks of life.


I am thrilled and honoured to announce my participation in the special edition to celebrate Black History. You can purchase your copy in both digital and paperback formats.

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Tracy’s full video interview  on 10 th Oct 2022 with the founder of ‘Aspiring Authors Magazine’ - Angela Thomas Smith.

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Tracy’s interview with Angela Thomas Smith (audio version).

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Part One

00:00 / 10:36

Part Two

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