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‘The Journey’s End – Giving Back Hong Kong’ Learning Journey

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‘The Journey’s End – Giving Back Hong Kong’ A Perspective through Chronology


1830’s British East India Company establishes first Tea estate in Assam, India

1839-42- 1st Opium War.

1842 - China & Britain sign The Treaty of Nanking.

1858 - China and Britain sign Treaty of Tientsin

1856-60 - 2nd Opium War-Treaty of Beijing signed.

1898 - Lease Extension of 99 years for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon & New Territories.

1903 - British exports of Opium to China come to an end

1912 - China becomes a Republic

1939-45 - World War 2

1941-45 - Japan occupies Hong Kong

1945 - Britain regains Hong Kong from Japan

Suggested Biographies

Commissioner Lin Zexu

Joshua Wong


Suggested Places of Interest

St Johns’ Cathedral (Hong Kong)

House 1881

Haw Par Mansion

Man Mo Temple

Suggested Historical Sources

The Sino British Joint Declaration

Hong Kong Handover Timeline

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