‘History is... a matter of fact or perspective?’

-Tracy D Williams


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A Welcome from the Founder

Welcome to ‘Stories to be tolled!’ – a multi-media platform helping children and young teenagers learn and understand more about the British Empire and Britain’s colonial past.

There is no doubt that the British Empire is a major part of world history and helps us understand political, social and economic issues in the modern world. How long did the British Empire last? When did the British Empire end? What was the impact of colonisation in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean? Which countries became British colonies? What is decolonisation?

Take a tour of the website and dive in to the Stories, History Podcast series (with a new episode out every 2 weeks), Mini Documentaries and Learning Journeys to guide you in your learning about the British Empire and to support you in answering these questions and finding out more.

At ‘Stories to be tolled’ we love to promote a global approach to learning history in a way that is thought provoking, imaginative and engaging. I encourage you to reflect on your own assumptions about how and what you’ve learnt about the past that has been portrayed as ‘fact’ and to use historical enquiry to explore a range of sources to build your perspective.

This learning platform is an expression of my own learning about the British Empire and the passion that I have for life long education, which I want to inspire in everyone who visits us.

Make yourself at home… I hope that this platform brings you as much enjoyment as I have experienced in creating it.

- Tracy D Williams

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