‘History is... a matter of fact or perspective?’

-Tracy D Williams


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About Me

I was born in the UK and have lived here for my entire life…so far. I have worked as a teacher and school leader in Central London for more than 15 years and continue to do so. ‘Stories to be tolled’ was born from my passion for reading, the inspiration from many Black History school projects and an interest in the history of the British Empire. 

History has always been a favourite subject of mine since I was a child. However, as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that what is often presented or emphasized as ‘fact’ in history, needs to be challenged and balanced with a different perspective. This realisation has taken me on a learning journey and ‘Stories to be tolled’ is the result of that journey.

If you’re looking to develop an understanding of history through a different perspective then ‘Stories to be tolled’ is for you. It’s an educational hub of stories (which I like to call poetic narratives), podcasts and mini-documentaries as well as recommendations for bios and historical sources. It is for all history lovers aged 9 years and up whether the subject of history is a personal interest or being studied through a learning platform.

So, ‘History is…a matter of fact or perspective?’ My desire is that ‘Stories to be tolled’ will challenge you to either begin or continue your own learning journey that will encourage you to decide for yourself. Feel free to explore these pages. I hope it brings you as much pleasure and enjoyment as it has given me in creating it.


-Tracy D Williams

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